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1 Engineering Projects Management

Pre-requisite: GE 4010 (Engineering Economy)

Course description: Student in this subject learn basic of project life cycle, strategy and project selection, project management structure, project planning, Finding CPM using Critical Path Method, PERT method, resource leveling and allocation, time-cost tradeoff, risk analysis, construction and organizational approaches, leadership elements and decision...

2 Engineering Drawing and Graphics

GE 1021, Engineering Drawing and Graphics, Required Course, 3 Credit Hours.

Constructional geometry and basics of lettering;


Orthographic projection : Multi-view drawing;

Pictorial projection : 3 D sketching and drawing

Sectional and auxiliary views;


Introduction to computer graphics;

Engineering applications.

3 Industrial Operations Management -1

Grade -5  students of Industrial  Engineering 

4 Project 2

Finite element analysis in metal forming processes, simulation and experimentations

5 Industrial Operations Management -2

Leve-6 for Industrial Engineering Students

pre-requsite : IE 2141

6 Project -1

Study and design of Cartesian robot for handling purposes.