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1 microeconomics

 This course aims to give the student the basic knowledge and concepts related to general economic theory, analysis of supply and demand and equilibrium theory, elasticities and some of the applications, the theory of consumer behavior, theory of production and costs.

2 Office hour

the hours a person spends working in an office

3 Academic Advising

Students are more successful when they understand their educational and career options and have a clear academic plan that leads to graduation. I encourage all students to meet with their academic advisors to create individualized academic plans and to follow up regularly to ensure they are hitting the milestones necessary...

4 Principles of public relations

Clarify the importance of science and the concept of public relations and institutions necessary for whatever activity and build a positive image of the institution with their audiences using means and methods of all communication, and communication skills of its staff, in order to reach the so-called consensus and mutual...

5 Typing in English


 Home keys Skills(1-7) 

Home keys Skills(8-12 3tests)

Home row Skills(1-7)

Home row Skills(8-10 3tests)

Top Row skills(1-7)

Top Row skills(8-12 3tests)


 Home keys Skills(1-7) 

Home keys Skills(8-12 3tests)

Bottom Row skills(1-7)

Bottom Row skills(8-12 3T)

All Keys (1-6)

All Keys (7-10 T)


Word Roots...

6 Computer Applications in Management )

MS Project 2013 – Introduction

MS Project 2013 – Getting Started

MS Project 2013 – Create a New plan

MS Project 2013 – Set Up Resources

Assign Material Resource to Task

9 Principles Marketing

This course aims to equip the student with the basic principles and skills of marketing management and give him an integrated idea about marketing and its various activities in an easy and easy way with a focus on linking its main topics to what is happening in the...