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Design of a Rectenna Array Without a Matching Network

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 A novel approach to designing rectenna systems by eliminating the use of a matching network between the antenna and the rectifier is presented. The proposed rectenna consists of a wide impedance bandwidth 8 octagon disks placed at two different layers laying on both sides of a single substrate and backed by a ground plane. A Schottky diode is placed at each layer right at the feeding location without matching network, forming an array of two rectennas. The rectified power is smoothed out using a low pass filter composed of two RF choke inductors for each rectenna. By virtue of the wide impedance bandwidth of the antenna, the measurement results of the rectenna yielded a 50% radiation to DC efficiency...

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    Almoneef, T. S., Erkmen, F., & Ramahi, O. M. (2017, July). Tightly coupled antennas for low cost and highly efficient energy harvesters....