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thieb thiab Abousalem , Msc

Managerial Roles



  • Designing a website for electronic questionnaires for a college
  •   Management of the electronic college website


Designing a site for electronic inquiries for the college

Manage the college site


  • Compared Between Ipv6 And With Ipv4,Differences And Similarities
  • 3D from 2D for Nano images using image’s processing methods


- Installation and maintenance of networks
- Domain network management
- Design of electronic questionnaires
- Maintenance of electronic devices
- Computers maintenance


modern techniques


1 - the experience of the Department of Education Blackboard
2 - Experience of the management of electronic learning systems
3 - Experience of statistical analysis and academic system
4 - Experience the shift from traditional to e-learning
5. Experience of self-study of the program
6-experience smart blackboard
7-experience program description
8. ICDL experience
9. Experience of Blackboard 2
10 - the experience of rehabilitation of teachers
11 - Educational vocational qualification
12-Blackboard Trainer