ME4651  -  Vibration
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Theoretical Practical
2 3 0
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The course addresses the basic mechanical vibrations concepts including; Modeling of vibratory systems; free and forced responses of vibratory systems; Vibration transmissibility; Response spectrum, Two and multi-degree of freedom systems, Vibration measurement, vibrations in machinery; Numerical and approximate solution of vibratory systems, Solving real life mechanical vibration problems.

  •  Introduction to vibratory systems.
  •  Free response of single-degree-of-freed on systems.
  •  Forced Response of single-degree-of-free dof systems.
  •  Numerical solutions of vibratory systems.
  •  Two and multi-degrees of freedom systems.
  •  Vibration measurement.
  •  Modal analysis and Response spectrum.
  •  Applications of Mechanical Vibrations.

Course Requirements
  1. Prerequisites:

  • By course: ME 3601 (Dynamic systems and control)
  • By topics: Basic rigid body dynamics - Linear differential equation- Basics               of Linear Algebra.


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