3280 إحص  -  حزم إحصائية
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This course aims to help students how to use statistical software package (Excel, MINITAB, SAS, SPSS, R and Maple or MATLAB) when carrying out a research. The students will learn how to enter the data into statistical software package, to use data editing tools in statistical software package, to analyze the data using statistical procedures, and to create graphical presentations and Monte Carlo simulations.

Course Requirements

Stat 1040 Statistical Methods

  1. Minitab Hand Book updated for Release 14 with CDRom by Barbara F. Ryan, Thomas Ryan and Jonathan Cryer. Duxbury Resource Center, 2004.
  2. SPSS 13.0 Guide to Data Analysis by Marija Norusis.
  3. 3. Ready, Set, Run! A Student Guide to SAS Software for Microsoft Windows by Larose T. Daniel and Jin Chun. Mayfield Publishing Company.
  4. Minitab Guide, Second Edition Desmond J. Higham and Nicholas J. Higham A-Jin Publishing Company, 2006.
  5. Introductory Statistics with R by Peter-Dalgaard. Springer (2002)
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