EE3521  -  Control Systems Laboratory
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the main purpose for this course?

-        Learn how to use MATLAB/SIMULINK to do a simulation of the open, closed loop system as well as PID controller.

-        Introducing the students to the practical aspects of control techniques, Learn how to analyze the real time step response; then, from the above analysis, they will study how to design a PID Controller;

-        Study the PLC Hardware and Software, PLC programming Techniques. Then, write PLC programs to control and investigate the work of some applications of PLC and operate it in different ways or to satisfy some requirements.

- Write high quality reports, and submit tasks on time. 

Course Requirements

Laboratory Manual


Eng. Mohammed Alansi

Grading Policy
Learning Outcome
Outcome Proficiency Assessment
   1 .  Apply the knowledge gained form the control engineering courses Quizzes & Assignments, Mini-Project, Reports, Test 1, Test 2 , Attendance and Final Exam
   2 .  Analyze and understand the Transient & Steady State Performance of a system in terms of speed, overshoot, time delay, time constant and stability. Quizzes & Assignments, Mini-Project, Reports, Test 1, and Final Exam
   3 .  Design a PID controller in order to improve the system performance Quizzes & Assignments Mini-Project Reports , Test 2 and Final Exam
   4 .  Understand the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system and write programs to control other electrical devices Quizzes & Assignments, Mini-Project, Reports , Test 2 and Final Exam