Design and supuervision of more than 100 projects for Electrical Power Installations and low Current Systems (Hospitals, Hotels, Universities, Factories, Schools, Institutes, Malls, Shops, Villas, Conference Halls, Sporting Stadiums ……etc) in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Electrical Power Installation Inlcludes the Following:

  • Electrical Power Stations
  • Medium Voltgae Distributers
  • Low Voltage Distribution Boards
  • Cable Feeders
  • Bus-Duct Feeders
  • Lighting Systems and its Network
  • Earthing Systems
  • Elevators and Esclators
  • Electrical Power of the Central Air-Conditioning System

Light Current Systems Inlcludes the Following:

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Telephone System
  • Public Address Sound System
  • Video Projector System
  • Central Antenna System
  • Closed TV Camera System
  • Master Clock System
  • Nurse Call System
  • Conference System
  • Data Network System
  • Monitoring and Control System
  • Security System
  • Intercom System