An accomplished professional with nearly thirteen years of experience, one year with industry and twelve years in teaching Management Graduates and Post Graduates. PhD in Management and Master of Business Administration (MBA Human Resource Management)  

A self-confident, ambitious and energetic individual who is cooperative, understanding & well adaptive towards corporate culture and behavior & ability to work under pressure strong and diverse human relational background, principled and discipline oriented

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Saudi females' buying behavior of green cosmetics: A pertinent motivational aspect

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The study investigates which group of Saudi females are more conscious about buying green cosmetic products. It also analyses the relationship between motivational factors (MF), purchase preferences (PP), and tendency towards heath consciousness (THC) in green cosmetic products. A model was developed to understand the influence of independent variables on the dependent variable. MF, PP, and THC were considered as independent variables and purchase of green cosmetic products as dependent variable. A survey was conducted using a survey questionnaire and collected data from 318 Saudi women under three major segments (university students, working women, and non-working women) belonging to various provinces in Saudi Arabia. Multiple regressions in SPSS software were used to analyze the collected data. While the students...

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