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EE4240  -  Communication Network
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3 3 1
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The course contents are survey of design and implementation of communication networks, transmission media, network topologies. Routing. Switching. Network protocols and architectures. Internetworking. Network performance. Broadband access.

This course introduces the basics of data communication and networking. Students will develop an understanding of the general principles of networking as implemented in networks connected to the Internet. Specific attention will be given to the principles of network architecture and layering, multiplexing, network addressing, routing and routing protocols. Activities include setting up a local area network, the Internet, security, network management and network performance analysis. 

Course Requirements

Prerequisites: EE 3010 (Signals & Systems), EE 3200 (Communications Principles)


Data Communications and Networking (4th Edition). McGraw Hill. ©2007. ISBN: 0-07-296775-7.


Behrouz A. Forouzan. 

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