2015: Implementation of Key Logger for Mobile Phones.

2012: Voice Controlled Car.

2011: Finger print recognition using correlation factor.

2010: Website of Yarmouk Motherhood and Childhood Center.

2010: Survey of image recognition and compression.

2009: Watching and Controlling the Computer Activities using Bluetooth.

2004: Explicit Rate Congestion Control using a practical controller.

2004: Time-Delay Estimation and Noise Cancellation Problem using LMS, NLMS  and RLS based Adaptive FIR filters.

2003: Image Processing Project: Edge Detection, and Images Blurring and Deblurring.

2003: Image Processing Project: Filtering Corrupted images using Mean Filter, Median Filter and Gaussian Low Pass Filter, and Stability Theorem.

1999: Performance Evaluation of Noisy Channel Using Cyclic Codes, Convolutional Codes and Reed Solomon Codes.

1998: Performance Evaluation of Noisy Channel Using Hamming Codes and BCH Codes.