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, Ph.D.


1- Completion of internship period (july 2011- August 2012) with very Good degree.

2- Certificate of 19th Annual Saudi Neuroscience Symposium (22-24 Nov 2011).

3-Membership of Saudi Stroke Association.

4-Membership of Saudi Epilepsy Association.

5-Certificate of 35th seminar of Neuro-opthalmology in 21th Century (19/2/2011).

6-Certificate of 7th Internal Medicine update Conference (20/3/2011).�

7-Certificate of current practice of Anesthesia and Pain management(12-14 Jan 2012).

8-Certificate of participation in Conference of Mastering of Neurological Skills in King Abdul Aziz University at Jeddah (15 March 2012).


1- Certificate of participation and attendance of oral presentation of Pilot Study of Youth Behavioral Risk Factors among Students�of Secondary Schools in Riyadh at The First Annual Medical Student�Research Day (�14th�of 2009, College of Medicine, KSU).

2-Certificate of Participation in a�research�about�The Prevelance of Irritable Bowel Syndrome among King Saud University Students�at Riyadh and reviwed�in 8th Pan-Arab Conference of Gastroenterology and 11th Conference of Saudi Gastroenterology Association, the�Research was accepted by Saudi journal of Family Medicine (18/7/2010).�


1- Certificate of English Course (3 4 5) levels in Saudi British Institute with Excellent average (12/10/2002-25/1/2003).

2- Certificate of Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support from Saudi Heart Association 2011



1-Recommendation from Prof. Abdulkader Daif, Consultant Neurologist, MS speciality in KKUH in Riyadh.

2- Recommendation from Dr.Fawaz Al Hussain, Consultant Neurologist and Stroke subspecialist, Head of neurology in KKUH in Riyadh.

3-Recommendation from Dr.Yousef Mohammad M.D Msc Associate Professor of Neurology,KKUH.

4-Recommendation from Dr.Suliman Kujan, Consultant of Neurology in National Guard Hospital.