The Second International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration, March 19 - 21, 2018 Hammamet-Tunisia

A. Hdhibi, J. Chakhari, K. Touileb, M. L. Bouazizi, A. Ouis and R. Djoudjou

Astract: The consideration of dynamic characteristics of welded joints connecting structural components is not given enough importance in modeling of complex structures. In this work, an A-TIG welded joint is studied. We interest mainly to the dynamic behavior of welded plates joint under flexural vibrations. A simplified finite element model is developed. It consists of plate elements and a foundation of spring elements idealizing the weld stiffness. The solving of this model is done by the software Matlab. 3D numerical simulations are conducted using the software Ansys. The dynamic behavior of the joint is shown. The frequency response and shape modes are determined. The developed model help to study the effect of weld parameters on vibratory behaviour of the joint, such as Young’s modulus and weld penetration.