Welcome to my web site.

It's a long trip with Education
I suffered a lot and I also enjoyed.
I still suffer and enjoy teaching and learning.
We deal with a lot of trust, respect and  love with our students.
I start working in Egypt at Cairo University and Fayoum  University
I Worked  for seven  years at girls colleges in Jeddah and Taif,
at the  teachers' colleges at Medina and Al- Jouf  Sakaka,
at the University of Taif and King Saud University.
Also participated in the review of some books of the primary stage of the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia.
Now, I settled my place here in Prince Sattam Bin Abdul Aziz University since 2007.

You might find some of what you are looking for in this site.
If you do not find, please contact me, it is still under construction.

You can also visit my previous site : http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/essambassiouny

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Academic Accreditation

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The Accreditation Committe ASIIN� will visit Mathematics Departmnt in Feb. 2015. All committees in the department are now prepare for this very importnant vist.


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